ISDN Sales and Rental Services

Due to the increasing popularity of ISDN as a means of high quality audio transfer, several clients are finding the need to temporarily hire in ISDN codec units for particular jobs and particular clients.Often an existing ISDN user requires extra units to send multi-channel audio or needs a different format of codec to deal with a specific job.

Being able to call in extra units recently proved important for a certain London post production studio when the Hollywood based director wished to view the progress of the sound mix in 5.1 surround from the other side of the planet.Having multiple channels of ISDN can also speed up the transfer of multitrack tapes around the world and makes multichannel remote overdubbing a reality.

As well as being the UK dealers for Dolby Laboratories DolbyFax system, we supply both the CDQ Prima range of Musicam based codecs and the APT-x ISDN codecs. Our technicians use all three of the main ISDN codecs every day and have amassed a huge amount of experience in these and related technologies and so should be able to find a solution to whatever technical requirements you have, whether you need a new system permanently installed or a quick solution for a one hour job.

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