audio via isdn and IP

When it absolutely, positively has to be there, right NOW !!!

h2o enterprises are the UK's No.1 entry point for ISDN and IP based audio transfers. The combination of leading edge equipment, high speed internet connections and years experience in the music industry makes us your only choice when 'they' have the music... and you need it.

Whether for mix approvals, remote vocal overdub sessions or even realtime 5.1 mix streaming, ISDN provides a fast, high quality solution. No waiting for DATs to be couriered around the world. Vocal artists can participate in sessions anywhere in the world without the need to leave London.

But when it's full bandwidth, master quality mixes you need, your only option is the Internet. By using one of our secure FTP sites, registered users can download or upload files of any type from anywhere in the world, and at incredible speeds. This includes Macintosh ProTools files and other proprietary formats. One recent job for a large film production required us to send almost 3 Gigabytes of ProTools sessions to the U.S., saving the producers several valuable days.

Our ISDN facilities make radio tours a breeze for artists who have neither the time nor the inclination to fly around the world doing 15 minute radio slots. Dozens of stations can be hit in a day. Artists like Moby, Sting, Jon Spencer, Turin Brakes, Golfrapp and Erasure have used our facilities for exactly this.

h2o supports the three major ISDN audio codecs, DolbyFax, APT and Musicam therefore ensuring compatibility to virtually any ISDN equipped studio in the world. We also provide a bridging service to connect two or more clients with incompatible systems.

DolbyFax APT Musicam