Media Distribution and Delivery System for A&R Departments

The hot new buzzword on the internet scene today is E-Business. Now businesses and their clients can deal directly with each other across the planet, as the constraints of time and distance melt away through the wonders of the World Wide Web.

The entertainment industry in general is particularly suited to this manner of conducting business and the forward-looking company will have the edge over their competitors by building up a solid web-clientele ahead of their competitors or by harnessing the new technology to streamline the creative process.

See the TBS demo system for yourself running
a small database of recordings from h2o

Login as 'media' with a password of 'manager'
You will need Liquid Player to play some of
the files

Remember that sound quality will be dependent on your soundcard and playback system. Liquid Audio files are of a very high quality and your system is likely to be the weakest link.
Also check the MediaManager support page to ensure your browser is correctly configured.

Co-designed by Totally Brilliant Software with its sister audio recording company, h2o, MediaManager is a browser-based database solution designed to meet the specific media delivery requirements of Record Company A&R Executives who require rapid access to their work-in-progress audio tracks and video clips from wherever they may be around the globe.

MediaManager allows password protected access to users or to specifically named recording artists from an Internet website. Permissions can be granted on an individual user basis to specific versions of songs or artists, to reduce the requirement for further external duplication of songs, etc.

An itemised log of all download activity is available for accounting backup and security monitoring of the service.

As the system is designed for generic file transfer, virtually any media format can be supported by MediaManager. TBS recommends the use of Liquid Audio encoded audio files, as these (arguably) are the best sounding format of all of the compressed-audio formats currently available, although MP3 and Windows Media Format are equally acceptable. For speed of transfer and storage reasons, uncompressed audio is not recommended, but equally can be used if required.

MediaManager is optimised to work for users running Internet Explorer V5 and up, on the Windows platform, with screen resolution set to a minimum of 800 x 600 pixels.